Tuesday, May 01, 2007

U is for Universe

Here are a few things we may do,
to help us learn the letter U!

  • Talk about the Universe, look at and draw pictures of planets, stars, etc. Color this page.
  • Look at Renoir's Umbrellas.
  • Make an Upside-down cake to celebrate Peregrine's half-birthday. (Which happens to be today!)
  • Play "I Unpacked my Grandma's Suitcase", taking something out for each letter of the alphabet. Peregrine loves this game, and after playing last summer, remembered some of the items months later!
  • Practice Psalm 75:1 "Unto You, Oh, God, do we give thanks."
  • Let Peregrine have a go on a Ukelele. (We actually have one of these.)
  • Make The U Coloring Book from about.com.
  • Practice dwelling together in Unity! (See Psalm 133!) The kids love it when I sing the song.
  • Learn about some animals that live Underground. Peregrine is especially fascinated with Pangolins right now. (A week ago I couldn't have told you what a pangolin was!)
If you have any more ideas, please share them!
Until next time....


  1. We have whole life ahead to learn new things! God bless you guys!

  2. Unbelievable! (Ok, I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel there). Anyway, great list and at least here, an umbrella isn't a bad idea today.

  3. Hi Rebeca!
    I've been meaning for some time to say hello and I am sorry it's taken me so long. I really enjoy your blog. Love all the great ideas you have and the stories you tell of your kids and your journey.
    We love the alphabet, too. My son gets his letters and numbers mixed up, though. He counts, "1..2..3..4..R !"
    Anyways, thanks for the ideas and inspiration!


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