Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I was honored to be given a Thinking Blogger Award by Stacy of With Great Joy. Thank you Stacy! All the kind things she wrote about me are equally true of her and if you're not familiar with her blog I encourage you to go check it out. I'm supposed to pass the award on to five other bloggers who cause me to think. She chose a few of the same ones I would have, so my awards will go to:

  1. Rachel of journeymama. Rae is a busy mama of little children and lives in a community in the woods. I traveled in India with her and her not-yet husband Chinua and they are both people I love and admire. Rachel's writing is down-to-earth, honest, poignant, and humorous. It is refreshing and full of life. She is the person who inspired me to start blogging.
  2. Melissa of A Glimpse Into our Busy Little Family. Even with four little ones and another on the way she finds the time to write about what the Lord is teaching her as she cares for her family. I am often encouraged and challenged by her writing.
  3. Molly of Close to Home. I have only recently begun to read Molly's blog after hearing her podcast on Ancient Faith Radio. She is a mother of four whose writing beautifully interweaves faith and family.
  4. Pamela of Three for Thee. I look forward to reading her posts; they are simple and lovely, each is accompanied by a beautiful photo and a fitting Scripture verse.
  5. Monica of Small Things. She and her husband are raising their family in Romania as part of a Word Made Flesh community. I enjoy reading about their lives there.
If you are given an award, you are welcome to:
  1. Pass the award on to five other bloggers that make you think.
  2. Link to this post.
  3. Display the Thinking Blogger Award.
Thanks again Stacy!

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  1. Dear Rebeca,

    I am honored! Thank you for your encouragement, your own sweet insights on faith and family, and for now introducing me to other "voices" in blogland who are challenging all of us to think, and reflect on what really matters.

    Yours in the Risen Christ,

    Molly Sabourin


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