Friday, April 20, 2007


There's a certain brand of sippy cup that comes with an optional ring with handles. Somehow, both of my kids instinctively knew that it wasn't truly meant to be used to hold the cup. Of course not. It was to be worn on their faces, and, most likely, would transfer to the wearer some sort of super powers. I'm pretty sure it doesn't hold true for adults. (Not that I've tried.) Here you can see Peregrine with the Super Ring when he was just a wee thing:

And here you see a more recent picture of Alethea:

And finally, the mighty duo, Super Rings in place, nearly invincible:

Well, maybe not quite invincible. But at least irresistible!


  1. i wish we lived closer to eachother.
    i'd love to drop in and hang out

  2. Feelings at the moment? I would like to hug them and kiss them! i ADORE kids and i like their way of thinking and enjoying the life.
    God bless your family


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