Thursday, March 15, 2007

Of Fake Sugar and Necessities

Question: What can you make from a turtleneck shirt, a plastic grocery sack, and some tape from a first aid kit?

Answer: Why, a diaper of course!

If necessity gave birth to this, I got to play midwife yesterday when I found myself miles away from the nearest diaper and in desperate need of one!


And this sweet boy is in the habit, whenever we go to a restaurant, of handing me a little pink packet of sweetener that he thinks is tea. Last night at dinner, after a happy day on the coast, he gave me my customary packet of "tea". Apparently some time later my sister informed him that "fake sugar is bad for your brain." He came running over to me in tears, nearly inconsolable. When I could understand him he said "Mom, now you can't drink the tea I gave you because it's bad for your brain!" Apparently he's never noticed that I don't actually drink my "tea" but discreetly put it back in the sugar holder. I told him he could give me the white packet, the real sugar, instead, and that seemed to satisfy him. I even brought this one home with me!


  1. You rock, Rebeca! Brilliant!

  2. kimberly5:44 PM


  3. ~Awesome diaper, very good idea!
    ~Cute boy, how old is he?

  4. Anonymous7:53 AM

    That's impressive!!

  5. Classic - I love your diaper idea. I've always wondered what I would do if I was so desperate...

  6. You are a mommy genius.

  7. Rachel3:54 AM

    What a sweetheart your little man is!

  8. That is Great! Cute blog by the way :)


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