Thursday, February 01, 2007

Moments in my Days

It is said that that time with little ones is made up of long days and short years. I already feel like the years are going by too quickly. There are moments I pause and try to burn into my memory; to take in the sight and the feel of the moments that I never want to forget. Here are a few of them.

  • Looking up early in the morning, surprised to see my quiet-as-a-mouse boy in his jammies. And the snuggle that follows.
  • Dress up clothes, carefully put on by the dress-up trunk. Carelessly taken off all over the house.
  • Kissing tears off soft cheeks.
  • Seeing them play kindly together, how they both delight in it. And I do too.
  • Reading together. On the couch and in the rocking chair, on the floor, wherever. The books that, as a result, end up on the couch and in the rocking chair, on the floor, all over.
  • Stealing into their rooms after they're asleep, stroking their cheeks, their hands, their hair. And when that's not enough, picking them up and holding them awhile, or lying down and cuddling with them.
  • The sound of laughter that comes not from humor, but from happiness.
  • The things they think are treasures. Simple things like pinecones and feathers and band-aids.
  • Watching the joy in little faces when they grasp a concept.
  • Reading the same books. Over. And over. And over. Then watching Peregrine sit down and "read" them to Alethea.
  • Hearing them try new words on for size. They're often used incorrectly at first, but it's amazing how they figure it out after a while.
  • Playing make believe.
  • The joy they find in special moments, like a picnic/walk or a surprise trip to the ice cream shop.
  • The little songs they sing when they don't realize anyone is listening.
  • Hearing "Mom, you know what? I love you." It always makes me happy.
  • Being "fooled" by the same trick three hundred and seventy-four times. Watching them dissolve into giggles that they tricked me. Again.
  • Little arms wrapped around my neck.
  • Getting to be the one they want when they're hurt or upset.

It's moments like these that sprinkle the days with sweetness, that make the harder, less pleasant memories fade away. How I want to hold them always in my heart!

Have a great weekend. And enjoy your family!


  1. Oh, yes. These are my very same fond closely held memories. Thats funny that you said the days are long and the years are short! It straight up sums up how it feels to me. I just never had a saying for it. I'm really glad that you keep up with blogging.

  2. Anonymous5:52 AM

    How sweet! There is one thing that my son did the other night that I need to write down: he was sleeping (it was probably 10pm) and I went into his room to make sure he was covered with his blankets. He heard me come in, stood up, gave me a hug and then went right back to sleep. It was so sweet and unlike him. He is usually sound asleep.

  3. Just visiting your blog for the first time from Michelle's. Darling post. Makes me want to take a deep breath on days when I'm feeling short tempered and remember my treasured moments with my dd.

  4. tiffany9:07 AM

    hi rebeca!

    i came across your address while my husband and i were visiting devon and scotts blog! so fun to see your pictures and read about your life. i have been married 2 1/2 years and have a 1 y.o. daughter, havilah! do you have an e-mail add? send it to: and i will send a few pics.
    god bless you!
    tiffany chetta (goade)


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