Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Chocolate for Breakfast

My sister and her husband just bought a new house and Peregrine and I drove over to see it a few nights ago. As we sat together this morning in Erik's big chair our rambling conversation turned to their new home; how much bigger it is and how fun it will be to go play there , etc. I told him that one of the reasons they wanted more space is because they'd like to adopt some more kids, and that maybe they'll get some that are his age. I then mentioned that some kids are orphans because their parents couldn't take very good care of them. His reply to that was "Will they feed them chocolate first thing in the morning?" I was a little confused, thinking he was asking if Alyssa and Scott will feed their new children chocolate for breakfast! Then I realized he was equating parents not taking good care of their kids with feeding them chocolate "first thing in the morning"!
I had to laugh; somewhere along the line hes probably asked me for chocolate way too early in the morning. I can only assume I made a comment that made him think "good parents don't feed their kids chocolate for breakfast"! The things he remembers, and the way they come out later on, are pretty funny! It reminds me of that saying "Chocolate: It's not just for breakfast anymore!" And on a more serious note, I'm so glad that he has no idea what it really looks like when parents don't take care of their children.


  1. That is sweet. I fear my daughter knows too much about the real world of parental abuse. We do occasional respite for foster children, and her heart is so moved with compassion for them. It does help her to be more generous...the children at the end of whatever box we are dropping off toys or food in all have faces and names to her.


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