Wednesday, January 10, 2007

More Peregrine-isms

"Mom, I was in my rest when the sun, "convealed by clouds", broke through and shone so brightly!"

Lying in a patch of sunlight (and apparently picking his nose.) "I have two boogers. Don't they shine in the sunlight! Don't they shine beautifully!"

We were reading a rebus story that had a cardinal in it. One picture showed only the wings, and when I paused and pointed, waiting for him to say "wings" he instead said "beautiful red wings".

Upon building a Wedgit creation that he was particularly pleased with: "Look at this one! Isn't it encharming!"

On a bicycle ride with Daddy, they saw an airplane. Erik told him that the lines it left were called contrails. Peregrine asked what "con" meant and Erik explained that it means "with". Peregrine said "So it means "with trails"?"

And finally, a poem that he pulled out of his head one day:

"A man was in the teapot and he shouted out to me,
I didn't answer him and I went and got a flea.
I came to the teapot and I picked him out,
And I put him back in and he wasn't very shout!"

(I asked him what "wasn't very shout" meant and he said it meant that he wasn't shouting. Aha! He said the whole thing in a rather singsong-y voice with a lot of rhythm.)

I know I'm his Mama, and totally and completely biased, but I think he's pretty amazing and smart for a four-year old!


  1. Indeed, he's not only smart but encharming!

  2. He IS amazing and smart and I can just imagine him saying all of that!


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