Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday, Monday....

Mondays always feel like a fresh start, getting back into the daily routine, doing laundry, tidying the house. We've made it through the morning and the kids are settled down quietly for their rest time. Alethea sleeps and Peregrine plays, reads books, listens to stories in his room. And me? I try to relax, usually spend some time on the computer, read, listen to Our Life in Christ podcasts, clean, etc.
Here's a bit of what's going on with us:

  • Some have asked how I'm doing these days. Physically I'm fine. Because this miscarriage happened so early in the pregnancy there wasn't the loss of blood I had last time. Emotionally I feel mostly like I'm doing okay. It all happened so quickly that it seems surreal. It's still been very hard, but God is a comfort. I hope to find a doctor who will do some tests to try to figure out if there's a reason my body isn't sustaining the pregnancies. We really want to have more children, and I'm trying not to assume that something is wrong with me now, but it's hard not to worry. I'm making a baby quilt in honor and memory of our two babies who have gone on before us.
  • I was going to write Peregrine's name on a paper yesterday and asked him to make the P since he knows how to write that one. Just out of curiosity I asked if he could write an E. He did, and proceeded to write every letter in his name as I told them to him! I knew he could recognize his letters, but had no idea he could write them!
  • We just got two mushroom kits from Fungi Perfecti, along with a book on fungi. We'll be growing a patch of Shiitake mushrooms and a patch of Espresso Oysters. (Their called that because they like to grow in espresso and coffee grounds.) I'm excited to learn more about fungi, watch our mushrooms grow, and eat them!
  • And, just for fun, guess what I found in Alethea's diaper the other day? A bright green, butterfly shaped barrette! Just when I thought I could leave those in her hair without her eating them. Always an adventure!
  • Okay, and while I'm on the subject of poop, Peregrine is so proud of his. I'm guessing/hoping this is pretty normal for a four year old boy. Comments like "Mom, look! I made three snakes today!" and "That one looks like a cannonball!" are pretty common around here. My favorite, though, was "Mom, I just did the most courageous poop!" I'm not sure what made it courageous, but there you have it.
Here's wishing each of you a lovely week, full of joy, surprises, and maybe even some courageous poop!

(I can't believe I'm writing about poop. And that is seems perfectly normal. Is this what having kids does to a person who generally has some decency?)


  1. Giggling at the barette, and congratulations to your courageous pooper!

    I'm so glad you are doing well, my friend. You've been in my prayers.

  2. Whoops, I forgot to congratulate the courageous pooper on the writing of his name!

  3. Rebeca, you are courageous and your boy must be just like you! I am a silent reader of your blog, but i do just want to say that you are a blessing and a light.


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