Friday, January 26, 2007


Peregrine is all boy. Rough and Tumble, Snakes and Snails, Wildness and War-Woops. I often shake my head in wonder at my little man. I'm thankful for the differences between the genders but that sure doesn't mean I understand them! I'm glad though, that he also is very sweet and that God is developing in him a heart of compassion. Of course there are the moments he races like a whirlwind, knocks his sister down, and races on, apparently unaware. And there are even moments that he's just plain mean to her; he's human after all. Lately though, I've been encouraged to see his tenderness toward others in a couple of incidences. It makes me think that something is getting through!
One bitter cold day we drove past a man standing on a corner holding a cardboard sign and Peregrine asked us what it said. We told him "Stranded: Anything will help" and what that meant. Without hesitation he said "I have an idea. We'll go home and make some lunch. And then we'll pack some up and drive back here and give him some lunch. That's my idea." Well, you can hardly argue with an idea like that! We hurried home and did as he had said, warming up some soup and packing a nice lunch for this man. He and Erik left to make their delivery only to find he'd moved on, much to Peregrine's, and our, disappointment. They even tried again later in the day, but again he was not there. We've talked a lot about the story Jesus told of the sheep and the goats, and how what we do for the least we are really doing for our Lord. And I believe that even though we weren't able to feed this man, Christ was blessed by Peregrine's offering.
Later that same day, I skinned a knuckle on the cheese grater. (Yes, you'd think I'd have learned not to do that by now!) When Peregrine saw the tiny amount of blood he immediately knew what to do- he raced to the bathroom in his imaginary ambulance, climbed up on the counter, grabbed a band-aid and some ointment, and raced back to bandage up my "wound". He did it like a pro, and with a heart full of love, although at that moment I felt like it was my heart that would burst.
When I read the Gospels I'm always struck by that little line that occurs several times- that Jesus was "moved with compassion". He didn't just see people and feel badly for them; he was moved to do something about it. I want to emulate Him in that, and I hope that my children will share in His compassion as well. Sometimes I feel discouraged at how little progress seems to be made in certain areas, and I wonder if any of the good we try to put in to Peregrine is getting through. But when these moments happen we get to see a glimpse of God working in this little heart and we're spurred on to continue, to not grow weary in doing and teaching what is good. Today is the day to sow and water and we trust God that the harvest will follow.

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  1. Rebeca - I found your site from Journey Mama. I just wanted to let you know that your site is beautiful, and inspiring. Your love for the Lord shines for everyone to see.

  2. How beautiful! What a sweetie.

  3. Hi There!
    What a wonderful heart your child has! It makes me think of the homeless that I pass by and I don't give a thought to.


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