Friday, December 08, 2006

There are Back Again

We're home! We had a wonderful two weeks in sunny Mexico but we're glad to be back. Thanks so much for your prayers; we all stayed healthy and safe. I'm trying to change gear from relaxed vacation mode back into "real life" and preparing for Christmas. There were lots of decorations and festivities going on where we were, but somehow I had a hard time feeling Christmasy when it was 90 degrees outside! I will post some pictures very soon.
For now I'll leave you with these. They are both edible fruits that grow in the part of Mexico we visited. You have probably enjoyed them yourself. Leave me a comment with your guesses of what they are!
Also, for those of you who were interested in ordering Erik's coffee, we're open for business again!


  1. is the top one breadfruit?

  2. The top looks like garlic grown in a gourd. And the bottom maybe Cranberries? I have a feeling I'm very wrong.


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