Friday, November 24, 2006

Leaving on a Jet Plane


A long-awaited day has finally arrived. We're flying south for the winter. Well, for two weeks anyway. The weather forecast at home is showing highs in the mid-30s next week but we won't be here to enjoy the cold; we'll be playing on a tropical beach in Zihuatanejo , Mexico! With the onset of our gray, rainy weather we've really been looking forward to this. I've dealt with my share of worries over keeping the kids healthy and safe and feel like God is giving me peace. I've laughed over the complexity of packing for a family of four. In just six short years I've gone from a single girl who traveled the world with a pack on my back to a Mama with matching suitcases. They even have red ribbons tied on their handles; we're lugging a play pen along, and having to remember to pack things like diaper wipes, kid friendly sunscreen, sippy cups and board books. The joys of mommyhood. (And you know I wouldn't trade it for anything!)
We've been reading books about Mexico and books about airplanes and airports to Peregrine for weeks. He's been asking for days "Is today the day we fly to Mexico?" Today is the day my boy, at last! Daddy is off work for over two weeks and there is a nice little casa waiting for us, not to mention fish tacos, fresh pineapple, and steaming bowls of pozole. And to sweeten the deal my Mom and Dad are joining us for the second half of our vacation! It will be so fun to be with them there. (And to take them up on their offer of a little babysitting so Erik and I can go snorkeling!)
Please pray for our safety and health while we are away. I hope to be able to post some updates on our adventures. Also, we've been in contact with a coffee grower in the region and hope to visit their plantation with the hopes of being able to import some of our own green coffee to roast. Pray that this will work out if it's supposed to. Thanks!


  1. It was so strange when we started traveling with suitcases instead of just random backpacks, but it is so much easier! (with a family)

  2. This post made me smile! We're leaving tomorrow for Zihuatanejo, my first time out of the country!


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