Friday, October 13, 2006

When Peregrine is Me

Sometimes Peregrine likes to "trade places" and pretend he's Mama and I'm him. Usually I play along; we have a lot of fun and I get to show him by example the sort of behavior I expect from him. (Although I did have a tantrum the other day, complete with rolling on the floor and yelling. Just to show him what he looks like when he does that.) Yesterday he was sitting at the table, being Mama, when he picked up my Bible and opened it. I grabbed his book and scribbled down what he was "reading". (As Jill Novak recommends in The Gift of Family Writing. I'm going to write a post about this book soon.) Sometimes I wonder what he comprehends when I read the Bible to him, and this was priceless. Here's what he "read" to me:
"Peregrine, I'm going to read you a chapter..... chapter 22.
"And as the scribes denied Jesus they threw eggs at Him. And the wicked priest Abraham (a different one than the good Abraham) threw eggs at Him. And as they threw eggs at Him they took out spears and poked Him and cut Him. That was on the cross, when He was on the cross." "
He then flipped to the map section in the back and showed me the map of Jesus' ministry and said "And first I want to show you on the map where Paul went. First he went to Jail, then he went to England. Then he blasted off in his M Rocket where those people wouldn't get him, back to his home and his city. And he ate and ate until he was no more hungry. And he went to the England of France.... And that's the story of that one (map)."
He finished off with a Psalm. "This is a Psalm, Psalm 9. Paul wrote this: actually David wrote this Psalm. "Oh Lord, don't let my enemies strike upon me and my eye. Don't let my enemies be strong. Oh Lord, help my enemies to grow their eyes old like I have." That's all of this Psalm."
And there you have it. The daily Bible reading by the almost four-year-old "Mama".


  1. THIS IS THE BEST BLOG ENTRY I HAVE EVER EVER EVER READ!!!!!!!!! Thank you sooo much for sharing all these things here Rebeca, i am loving you and your family more and more all the time, and i just want you to know that you are impacting the Kingdom right here in this little log of your life. Bless you dear friend.

  2. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! I love the eggs.

    Great job, mom.

    I also like you throwing a tantrum. Good plan.


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