Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Fall Traditions

Tradition. How many of us, when we hear that word, start singing it along with Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof! When Erik and I got married I looked forward to creating traditions together. One of the first started when we bought a cheap waffle maker and started having Saturday morning waffles. It's a fun and leisurely meal that everyone enjoys, and also fun to invite others over for a waffle breakfast. In the Fall there are so many traditions associated with Thanksgiving and Christmas and my thoughts often turn toward "the things we always do at this time of year." I get out the candles, the ones that smell like cinnamon and pumpkin pie. The house starts to feel and smell cozy. We go to the farm and bring home gourds and pumpkins for our fall display. We melt paraffin wax and dip leaves in it; they hold up beautifully for a long time. Peregrine's birthday is in November and we always have a costume party for him, so there's sewing and planning and the air of mystery that surrounds this month, as no one reveals ahead of time what they're coming as. We usually spend a day or two making and freezing applesauce and it's sweet and spicy scent lingers in the air: there's nothing like a dish of warm, fresh applesauce with a splash of cream.
For some reason Fall seems to lend itself to Tradition, to being at home and being together. I think it's important to have things you can count on; things that everyone can participate in and look forward to. I'm sure as the years go by our traditions will evolve; we'll drop some and pick up others. On Sunday we started what I hope will become a new tradition for our family- afternoon tea. We always have a big lunch with my family after Church, and there's no need for another heavy meal. So we decided to have a "tea" instead. Erik made a pot of herbal tea (with milk and honey of course) and I made some scones and cut cheese slices with a gingerbread boy cookie cutter. We also had sliced apples with our favorite dip*. The kids loved it and Peregrine raved about how it was one of his favorite meals! It was simple and light, and special. It filled our bellies, but it also filled our hearts. We are making memories for ourselves and our children, and stories for our grandchildren!
What Fall Traditions do you have?

*Creamy Apple Spread
1 C. Cottage Cheese
2 T. Smooth Peanut Butter

1 T. Pure Maple Syrup or Honey

1/2 t. Cinnamon

Combine all ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth. Spread on apple slices, toast, pancakes, etc.


  1. I love this time of year also. I have wanted us to have an afternoon tea time so much. Maybe I will be inspired and get it started.

  2. Afternoon tea is a lovely idea! I hope that someday we are able to share it.

    And, can I say, your children both favor you so much! Great photo.


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