Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Curious: Questions for the Wise

(Before reading this you should know that we keep the microwave in the bedroom. After becoming convinced that microwaving food is not healthy, we moved in back there so that we could at least warm up our rice bags for cold toes.)
2:30 PM and all is quiet. Or should be at least. I hear a door close loudly in the back. (What is Peregrine doing now?) I hear Alethea start to cry. (Great, he's woken her up.) I'm on the phone so I finish my conversation before investigating. A few minutes later I head down the hallway and duck in to the bathroom first. I notice the lights are phasing; now brighter, now dimmer. (Hmmmm... what could be sucking power from lights?) Stepping out of the bathroom I notice my bedroom door is open and I smell an odd smell. Looking down I notice the microwave running. I open it only to discover a lovely little "feast" of wooden fruit and a cloth fish on little Tupperware play dishes. There are only 11 seconds left, so I figure its been in there long enough. The paint on the fruit is blistered and everything feels hot.
I leave the scene of the crime and venture in to Peregrine's room. Not surprisingly, he's nowhere to be seen. Ahh, he's hiding in the closet. I ask him about what he's done. He tells me he pressed 9-1-1 on the microwave. (That's for the telephone, son! In an emergency!) I give him the serious talk, again, on how he's never to use the microwave. How he could hurt himself, ruin the microwave, burn the house down, etc. Oh, and that he's supposed to be playing quietly in his room during rest time! Needless to say, I give him some consequences, one of which is he's going back to having to stay in his bed with books during rest time for a while.
Who knows what adventures a day will bring?

And now, some questions for you. (And there are actually some serious ones at the end!)
  • Why do I find airplanes crashed into my houseplants?
  • And toys stuffed into the toes of small grubby socks?
  • And why is flushing the toilet, which was so exciting at first, now almost entirely neglected?
  • And why is there a pile of dirt in a small boy's bed? (I got the answer to this one: "Because I wore my red rubber boots." In bed. Of course.)
  • Do you give your kids an allowance? How much and at what age? Are there certain "strings attatched"?
  • Does anyone do digital scrabooking? I'm looking into it and would love to hear what you use and how it works for you?
Thanks for your help!


  1. Anonymous6:11 PM

    What a funny story!

    I have seen some people's digital scrapbooks and they look amazing, but I don't know anything more about it.

  2. I paper scrapbook, but not digital. Check out the digital board at

  3. Hey Rebeca,
    we give our kids a pretty minimal allowance, $2 a week. They have chores that they are required to do just for being a part of the family, (clean their own rooms and also one room in the house every day is their 'job' at 5pm) Then they have their allowance chore: Zakary cleans the upstairs bathroom and Tyler puts away the dishes. I don't think there is any rhyme or reason to which is allowance chore and which is just required it's just that I wanted them to know they have to work whether they get an allowance or not.
    I started them on doing daily chores and allowance when I was pregnant with Naomi. Zak was 5 (almost 6) and Tyler was 7 (almost 8). They have done chores ever since.
    It has been an up and down battle at times and there have been weeks where they lose their allowance but it seems to be not very often.
    Don't tell them, but I have been considering up-ing their allowance since they are older now. We'll see.
    Doug also pays them for doing certain outside chores at times.
    Well that's our story. :)


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