Friday, September 15, 2006

Just Laying Around

Could this outfit be Erik's subtle way of letting me know that things just don't get done quite the same way when I'm out of commision?

As a busy Mama of two small children, a day of lying around sounds like quite a luxury. When it's forced though, and when it's a lot longer than a day, it's not quite as nice as it sounds. It's been almost a week since my trip to the ER, and the doctor's strict orders were for at least a week of no activity. I've been allowed to sit at the computer the last few days, and have been sitting at the table for meals, and those things are pretty exciting! I feel like "my" life is being lived by someone else, having everything I normally do being done by others, or not done at all. I lie on the couch and tell people where to find things and ask for whatever little thing I need. Everyone is doing a great job and I'm incredibly thankful for all the wonderful help we've had, but I'm really looking forward to carrying my kids and playing with them, cooking our meals, and knowing what's in my own refrigerator. At this point I'm even looking forward to doing our dishes, sweeping our floors, and (I can hardly believe this one) cleaning our bathroom! Strength to do my work is a gift, not something to be taken for granted.
I'm getting stronger each day, and I thank you all for your prayers. I've been getting up a lot more, still not being active, but getting myself a drink or finding something I need. I think from this point the challenge is going to be not overdoing it and finding myself back on the couch. I anticipate some difficult days with the kids as we get back into our routine and reestablish some boundaries. Peregrine, especially, has been having a hard time with attitudes and obedience, and I know that it's going to take a lot of consistency and time spent together to work on those things. He's gotten to do lots of special things with other family members over the last week, but I think what he needs is for life to get back to normal, to have some days without people in and out all day, to know what to expect again. Alethea is feeling it too, but she's just acting more clingy, crying when she goes to bed, etc. Erik stayed home from work today and it was nice to have him around; I'm looking forward to being together this weekend. He took Peregrine to see a movie and out for ice cream this afternoon while my sister stayed with me.
I've realized that there's lots to be done though, even while lying around, so I've compiled a list of things for days when I may find myself wanting some "couch time" again:

1. Read books. And magazines, junk mail, catalogues, cards, etc.
2. Watch movies together. (This is nice, as usually when I let the kids watch a movie it's so that I can get some work done.)
3. Play a game or do a puzzle with Peregrine.
4. Have extra "milky" time with the little one who still nurses.
5. Read LOTS of board books to Alethea. She figures out pretty quickly that she can bring book after book to whoever will keep reading.
6. Clip the kids' nails. (I'll admit this sometimes gets neglected in "real" life!)
7. Work on quilting or other handwork projects.
8. Sing songs with the kids.
9. Eat. Drink. Snack. (Thanks to everyone who is bringing us wonderful food!)
10. Read"chapter books" to Peregrine.
11. Play Patty Cake and other little hand games with Alethea.
12. Talk on the phone to my friend Paula who's on bedrest. We get a kick out of asking what the other is doing!
13. Read. Did I mention that already?

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  1. Um, have you thought about reading? Tee hee.

    I love the outfit - great shoes!


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