Friday, July 14, 2006


The Clays and us in Strasbourg, France in 2003. (We've both added a child since then!)

I'd like to ask a favor on behalf of my dear friends Corrigan and Shelley Clay. Shelley is one of my best friends from high school and even though we've not lived in the same town since 1992 we've remained close. She married Corrigan six years ago and they've spent the last three years living in Germany. They work with Young Life and reach out to American junior high and high school kids on military bases. Since being over there they've also had two wonderful kids, Keziah and Zebedee. They're getting ready to leave Germany and move to Vancouver B.C. Shelley will continue being a wonderful Mommy and Corrigan will be studying Theology, Art, and Culture at Regent College. He's a very talented graphic artist, painter, and photographer and is passionate about connecting the Gospel with the culture using various art forms.
Some of Corrigan's photography is in an online art contest and I'm writing this to ask if you would take a couple moments to go online and vote for him. He is currently in the top 10 out of over 600 contestants. The winner will receive a gallery art showing in New York, which would be a dream come true for him. This contest, due to the way it's set up, is really about who can campaign for the most votes, so I'm doing some shameless campaigning for my friend! His pictures are beautiful and I think it would be wonderful for his to get more exposure, especially since his heart is to communicate Truth through his work.
You do have to register in order to vote, but it only takes a moment and I've not received any email from the site. Anyone with an email address can sign in and cast 20 votes. If other members of your family have a separate email address you can vote for them too! Here's how you do it:
  • Go to and enter the siteOn the bottom of the page, click on Join/Login
  • Once you complete the short registration, click on view contestants
  • On the Contestant page type "Corrigan" into the "Find by handle or name" box, then click on find
  • Click on the arrow to see his work, and then vote, vote, vote. (And then vote 17 more times!)

Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. Please feel free to let others know about this as well. (Copy and paste this whole thing if you'd like!) And if you're interested on finding out more about Corrigan or seeing more of his work you can check out his myspace page and blog, or this site.
Go Corrigan!!

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  1. I LOVE your friends art! Absolutely. Now i just want to show everyone. I think especially my artistic friends. I tried voting and it was closed! Dang!


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