Monday, July 03, 2006

Bits and Pieces

Here's a little update on what's going on at our house these days:

* It looks like the strike is finally happening, starting tomorrow. Even though Erik has opted out of the Union he will strike for this week, mainly to maintain a relationship with the men he works with. He's carefully weighed all his options and feels that this will keep the peace.

* I don't have a baby anymore. Alethea is toddling all over the place now and has fully made the transition from floor dweller to kid. We are seeing more of her personality every day and it's fun to watch her blossoming.

* Peregrine and I made a paper kite last week and it actually flies! It's pretty exciting. Here's a picture of him flying it with his Papa:

* Erik finally got the coffee roaster he's been building up and running! It's taken a long time and this weekend he was able to roast his first batch of coffee. Now he's working out the kinks and perfecting his blend and then he'll be ready to hit the market. It's been fun to watch him dream this and go for it. I'm really proud of him, and it's been neat to learn about how the process works. He can roast several pounds of coffee in less than 15 minutes, bringing the beans up to almost 450 degrees and than cooling them in under a minute! I think my man is awfully clever, I do. Too bad I don't like coffee!
The Roaster, with Cooling Tray Mounted on the Right

Green Coffee Beans

The Roasted Beans in the Cooling Tray

* And me? I've been on an organizing rampage. This weekend I brought out my six totes full of fabric, patterns, quilting, crafting, and sewing supplies. Yikes! I'm ashamed at my utter lack of organization- it's been so bad that I couldn't even work on anything since I couldn't find what I needed. I sorted and labeled and got it all organized and I'm quite excited now that everything has a place. I can sew again! Here's a picture of all the little things- thread, buttons, notions, etc. These were previously all in a jumble together. Ugh.

That's all for now. I hope you have a great week. I'm off to do some more organizing while the kids are having their rest!


  1. I am on the organizing spree also. It feels so good. I am so excited about your coffee roaster. Can I order some? I love coffee.

  2. I LOVE coffee, that looks so cool!


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