Monday, June 12, 2006


Yesterday morning Erik went out to the shop and discovered that the door on the big freezer had been left open. Judging from how much ice had been built up in there it had been open for a while. (Peregrine isn't allowed to go in there, but he admitted that he had.) Many, many containers of applesauce, strawberries, blackberries, peaches, chili, some large packs of hamburger I'd stocked up on, a hambone, and a lot of miscellaneous stuff was spoiled. Needless to say, Erik and I both felt pretty discouraged. All that food represents not only money, but a lot of time spent in preparation. I love putting away food, making extra portions and freezing them, and stocking up on sale items.
This morning as I dumped carton after carton down the garbage disposal (in order to save the containers) I thought about how insignificant this is in the bigger picture, and even found some things to be thankful for in this:

* I'm glad this didn't happen in the fall, when our freezer would have been much fuller with the summer's bounty.
* I'm glad that the freezer worked overtime and that even though the food was spoiled, not too much liquid ended up on the floor. Stacked next to the freezer is new laminate flooring waiting to be installed- it would have been really sad if it had been ruined too!
* I'm glad that even though this is a "big" loss, we still have plenty.

I also thought about what it means to store up treasures in heaven, where they aren't subject to the damage of this world. I don't think it's unwise to look to the future of our families, to store up food when it's in season or on sale, but even these things we need to hold loosely to. There will come a day when all our deeds will be shown for what they are, and only what is built firmly on the right foundation will last. The things of this world will all come to ruin. I know this, but it's so easy to be caught up in caring for the things of this world.
Father, help me to be storing up treasures in heaven, to be investing in Your kingdom. Teach me to live wisely on this earth, caring little for the things that will perish. Help me to be wise in how I spend my time and money, and to choose carefully the things I do. Teach me to fix my mind and heart on things above, and not on things below.

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  1. Yikes! I'm sorry. I'm glad though it wasn't as bad as it could be.


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