Monday, May 22, 2006

Something's Getting Through

        Sometimes I wonder what really gets through to Peregrine. Tonight he was playing that he was a barysaurus whose parents had been shot and we were a pterodactyl family who were adopting him. I was asking him about all the things he liked and what he liked to do and one of his answers was "And I give things to boys who are poor, like toys and things." I was kind of surprised to hear that; right in there with playing games and reading books was caring for the poor! I asked if he would like to pick out a book or toy to give away at an upcoming outreach to the poor and homeless and he walked over and picked out a book! I told him how kind that was, and that some kids' families don't have very much money to buy things like that for them. We've talked often about how some people don't even have a house to live in and tonight when I said some families live in their car he looked very serious and said "Maybe I can give them my tent."
        It nearly brought tears to my eyes, to see God giving him compassion at such a young age. I hope that we will encourage this and give him opportunities to share what we've been given with others.

Pictures are from an outreach we were involved in last summer.

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