Friday, April 21, 2006


         We've finally arrived in Why-ville. For a couple months there Peregrine asked "How?" about everything and it took a while to figure out that he meant "Why?" But now he has learned "why" and there's no turning back. A typical conversation (several times a day) goes something like this:
Mama: Go get your shoes on Peregrine.
Peregrine: WHY?
Mama: Because we're going to the store.
Peregrine: But WHY are we going to the store?
Mama: Because we need to buy some more bananas.
Peregrine: But WHY do we need to buy some more bananas?
Mama: Because we ate all the ones we had.
Peregrine: But WHY did we eat them all up?
Mama: Because we were hungry and they taste yummy.
Peregrine: But WHY do they taste yummy?
Mama: Because God made them yummy so we could enjoy them.
Peregrine: But WHY so we could enjoy them?
Mama: Because He loves us. (Sigh.) Go get your shoes on Peregrine.
Yep, conversations can be pretty predictable around here. And at the end, it usually comes down to "that's just the way God made it." He is inquisitive and curious about life and wants to question and understand everything. I, on the other hand, have come to accept that there are just some mysteries in life. And that's okay with me. But while we're asking the hard questions I have a few of my own.

* WHY is it that Peregrine goes 60 miles per hour except when we're in a hurry and need to be somewhere in five minutes?
* WHY can he hear and understand our conversation, even when he's in the other room, when it's not intended for his ears? (And WHY is it that when I clearly tell him to do something he has sudden hearing loss and all I get is a blank stare?)
* And finally, WHY does he think he knows best and contradict me so frequently but still ask WHY all the time?

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