Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Letter to Alethea

        Dearest Alethea,
        It's hard for me to believe that you just turned one! We celebrated your birthday with a little springtime party and you had fun eating your cupcake and rubbing the frosting in your hair and playing with the tissue paper from your presents. You delighted us all with your smiles and laughter. You are my springtime girl, fresh and sweet and pretty, like a little flower.
        Just a year ago you were brand new, tiny, blinking in the light for the first time. You mesmerized us with your dark eyes and your soft "wispy, wispy hair." You've learned so much in a year- how to smile and sit up and crawl and stand and laugh. It's a joy to watch you discover things and to get to know you. You've always been gentle. Instead of grabbing things you open your little palm and feel them instead. You don't pull Dada's beard; you stroke it. But you do pop everything into your mouth! (and usually with your left hand, just like Dada.) You do things at your own pace: even though you could sit up around six months you had no use for it because you always wanted to be on the move. So you'd "lounge" instead, and then take off crawling on your belly to your next destination! You have no fear, just an adventurous spirit; you love it when Dada flies you around and throws you on the bed. You enjoy pulling things out of boxes and baskets and drawers and shelves. One of the only ways I can get you to stay still is to give you a laundry basket full of clothes or open a drawer and let you take things out one by one. You love music, and especially when I sing and clap. You flap your little arms like a bird and smile and laugh!
        You like to be where the action is, especially if Peregrine is involved and will follow him all over the house. You light up when he squeals at you and you watch him like he's your hero. He has loved you from the start, but now that you're a bit bigger he's not as gentle with you as was. Now he seems to think that he can pick you up and drag you across the floor if you're somewhere he doesn't want you to be. But you let him know what you don't like and I think you'll be able to hold your own!
        You are small for one year, dainty and feminine. Your eyes are bright blue, like your Daddy's, and I think you look a lot like him. He says you have a winsome smile (and he loves you.) You get excited when you see him coming home from work. I think you just might be a Daddy's girl. You still have wispy wispy hair; it's dark and long and we put it up in a little "fountain" on top of your head. I call you my Dolly and love to put you in pretty little dresses. You are soft and sweet and I love the way you smell.
        I wonder what things you will enjoy as you learn and grow. Your first name, Alethea, means truth, and we pray that you will always love the truth. Your middle names are part of you too, Poppy and Joy. We called you Poppy from the time your heart was only the size of a poppy seed. Already beating, we marveled that you were being fearfully and wonderfully made within me. And Joy! The Lord has brought us much joy through you and we also pray that your life would be characterized by His joy.
        I love being your Mama and am so thankful that God gave you to our family. I have enjoyed you so much this past year and I look forward to each day that we have together. We shall have lots of fun, you and I! We will play and dance and cook and sew and grow things and have tea parties.
        I love you my tiny girl, my Poppy Joy girl. You do bring joy to your Mama's heart and sunshine to my days.

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  1. I have been wandering blogger and found you, that was a beauiful letter to your daughter! I am originally from Portland and was also touched by your water birth story, my 2 yr old was a water birth at Andaluz. Do you know it?
    God bless you and your family!!


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