Monday, April 03, 2006

A is for Apple Crisp

I found this website that offers ideas for learning a letter a week with your preschooler. Even though Peregrine knows most of this letters and the sounds they make I don't think he's ready to start reading just yet. I've been wanting to start doing more structured activities with him, and I think this will give us a springboard to do that. More than anything, it will ensure that we get one-on-one time together. The more I've thought about this idea the more I like it and think of more things we can incorporate into it. I bought a board that is half cork and half dry erase and each week we will display our letter card as well as any art work or pictures we draw or find that start with the letter. I've previously mentioned the book called My ABC Bible Verses: Hiding God's Word in Little Hearts and we will focus on one verse each week. In addition to that I hope to have one character trait to discuss and work on for every letter. Attentiveness, Bravery, Courage, Determination, Etc. I just ordered Picture Book Preschool that will help me to find story books to illustrate these traits. What else? This website has tons of activities, ideas, and printable coloring and tracing pages for each letter of the alphabet. There are snacks and activities and animals and countries and songs and the list goes on.
We are starting this week with the letter A. He seems to be enjoying it and so am I! Here are some of the things that we've already done or are planning to do for the letter A:
-Making Apple crisp and Applesauce with my Absolutely Amazing Apple Assistant!
-Reading Coral Reef Hideaway about an Anemone-fish.
-Looking through our big Atlas and talking about the continents and countries that start with A. There are lots!
-Memorizing Proverbs 15:1 "A soft answer turns away wrath", talking about what that means and practicing it.
-Thanking God for giving us strong Arms to play and work and hug.
-Making the letter A with Cheerios or chocolate chips. And then eating it of course!
-Cutting an Apple in half and stamping with it on paper.
-Learning about Astronauts.
-Talking about people we know (or read about) whose names start with A- Alethea, Alyssa, Aunties, Annie, Ashley, Andrew and Abbie.
-Talking about Attitudes.
-Learning and practicing being Attentive.
-Making Alphabet Soup
-Eating Animal Crackers with Apple Juice
I'm excited to embark on this journey of learning together with Peregrine. I plan to post the ideas I have for each week as well as how things have gone. In a few years time I'll be glad to look back on it when I start over with Alethea! I would love to hear ideas from others as well.


  1. These are some really great ideas. I've been looking for some easy ways to incorporate teaching letters to the kids while doing daycare and homeschooling the older kids. I feel like Naomi is getting left behind. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh...this really encourages me to start the school type stuff with Jed. It can be so simple and fun, and I really want to do it with all my heart - thanks!


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