Thursday, April 27, 2006

100 Things About Me

A while ago my friend Rae, who writes one of my favorite blogs, wrote 100 things about herself. It was fun to read and got me thinking about doing it too. Then Jenig is having a contest where you have to write 10 random things about yourself, so I got started and just kept going. It's hard to come up with that many! But here they are, in no particular order of importance, and most of them being of no importance anyway:

1. I tried out for a SPAM commercial when I was a teenager. (I must not have been very convincing 'cuz they didn't pick me.)
2. I have dual citizenship- Canada and the USA
3. I attended public school, private school, and was even homeschooled
4. I got pregnant two weeks after getting married
5. I was a seamstress for a few years
6. I gave birth to my daughter in the water
7. I had laser eye surgery to correct my vision
8. My family of 7 lived in a tent trailer one summer when I was about 11 or 12
9. I've never broken a bone
10. I've been on four continents- North America, Africa, Asia, and Europe
11. I've been to a dozen countries, and loved them all
12. I'm a firm believer in homeopathics and natural healing
13. But I'll go to the doctor and get "real" medicine if that doesn't work
14. I was a vegetarian for about 6 years
15. I love to garden
16. I love to cook and bake
17. I'm not very organized, but I'd like to be
18. I will homeschool my kids
19. I hope to live in another country some day
20. Mangoes are one of my favorite fruits
21. I love Thai food
22. And Mexican food
23. And Indian food
24. I make really yummy wheat free goodies for my husband
25. My husband is awesome
26. I don't deserve him
27. I don't speak any other languages, but I hope to some day
28. I've never dyed my hair
29. I can't stand raw tomatoes
30. My first car was a 1978 Datsun 510 named Tesseract
31. It was stolen and recovered in a nearby town the next day
32. I'm the shortest of my four siblings
33. I've never been drunk or done any kind of drugs
34. I always have a jar of kefir brewing in my kitchen
35. I graduated from high school at 16
36. I like foreign films (when I can find ones that aren't trashy)
37. I have my nose pierced
38. I had really high bangs in high school
39. I used to snowboard
40. I had the most romantic proposal in the world
41. I said "Really?" when Erik asked me to marry him
42. I love Calla Lillies
43. My parents have been married for almost 37 years
44. I had a goldfish that died and my brother bar-b-qued it
45. I love camels
46. I got to ride on one in India
47. And I rode elephants in Thailand
48. I love snorkeling
49. I wish that rickshaws were a popular form of transportation here
50. My parents never let anyone call me Becky
51. I had a pet rat named Jeremy
52. And a dog named Puck (because he would chase the hockey puck)
53. We don't have any pets now and that's okay
54. I really dislike cats
55. I never owned a Barbie (although I played with my sister's)
56. My friend and I toilet papered our neighbor's house nearly every weekend, and then cleaned it up for them
57. I love chocolate
58. I love chocolate with chili in it
59. I was a very stubborn and strong-willed child
60. I learned to ice skate when I was only a few years old
61. I went to Bible school
62. I run an organic produce coop out of my home
63. I'm constantly thinking up home businesses but never do any of them
64. I tried a home party business for a while, but learned quickly I didn't have what it takes
65. I have my dream job- being a wife and stay-at-home Mom to my kids
66. I love my parents and my in-laws
67. I knew my inlaws before I met my husband
68. His Mom tried to set us up, but it didn't work
69. I worked in a granola factory
70. I was a cook for a soup kitchen
71. I'm not a coffee drinker
72. I've lived in two Canadian provinces and two States
73. I love the sound geckos make
74. I once slept in the open desert in India
75. I was an extra in a really lame movie
76. I'm a follower of Jesus Christ
77. I've been in about 20 states
78. I've never been to Hawaii
79. But I have been to Alaska, twice
80. I miss sleeping through the night
81. My kids are worth it
82. I chipped a tooth biting into a rock that was cooked into some rice in India
83. I was very sick in Nepal
84. Watching the sun rise over the Himalayas in amazing
85. Monsoon rains are also amazing
86. I would love to take my family to India and Nepal someday, and Thailand
87. I was terrified of water as a child
88. And of flying
89. Now I love to fly
90. I have wanderlust, inherited from my Dad's side of the family
91. I bleach my mustache, inherited from my Mom's side of the family (Italian)
92. I got to spend a few days in Italy, and hope to go back there someday
93. My two best friends from high school are still my best friends
94. I've worked in two different health food store delis
95. I spent one day as a candystriper in a hospital when I was fourteen
96. I apprenticed with a midwife for a summer
97. I like the movie "Brother Sun, Sister Moon"
98. I love snow, but hate to drive in it
99. On a school field trip to the hospital, I was chosen to get a cast on my arm. I later tried to convince my Mom I'd broken it at school
100. I love my husband ever so much


  1. How fun it was to read this... even though I don't know you personally. Gave me some good laughs. You should write your proposal story sometime. I'm still recovering from how un-romantic my own was, but my husband convinces me that it seemed romantic in his mind... dear man.

  2. Great to know you better.

    I also have Italian genes - I wax the upper lip ;)


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