Thursday, January 12, 2006


        Four years ago today Erik and I committed to spend the rest of our lives loving one another. Although it feels like we're just getting started, a lot has happened in this time: We've moved twice, had two children, Erik has undergone surgery and radiation treatment for cancer, we've travelled to Canada and to Europe, and Erik has changed jobs. I think that a few of those qualify for some of the most stressful things that people can go through. There have been moments of stress, but the years have been marked with peace and joy and the blessing of the Lord. I can't imagine not sharing my life with Erik; he challenges and encourages me, he makes me laugh and he completes me. God certainly knew what He was doing when He brought us together. (Duh!) What a joy and blessing to be "heirs together of the grace of life".


  1. Hmm, 4 years ago today I was putting the finishing touches on some very delicious cakes. I'm so happy you held out for the right one. I like him. I miss you. Hey, we have twice as many kids as you do. Do you still want to have us over again!?

  2. Congratulations! How awesomely God has met the desires of your heart. May you have many many loving and happy years together.

  3. Autumn10:01 AM

    Strangely, I was just thinking of your wedding yesterday. I had no idea it was your anniversary. I guess it was a coincidence. Alyssa had told me about Gloria's date and I got to thinking about your beautiful wedding and all that went into it. I was thinking how different all of you Robertson s are and how much you love eachother. (kind of like little women, eh? I was reading Alyssa's blog today too.) Anyway, congratulations. You are a beautiful family and I respect and admire all that you have done. May this 5th year be a blessed one!

  4. Anonymous11:11 PM

    Very sweet! Congratulations. By the way your daughter is sooo cute!


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