Friday, December 23, 2005


        I am so blessed by the simple faith that Peregrine has. We usually begin our morning with asking Jesus to help us through the day. I ask for myself wisdom and patience and joy, and for him a wise and happy heart and help with whatever specific things we're dealing with. He always follows with his own little prayer, which usually goes something like "Jesus, can you help me obey and give me a wise heart?" He then exclaims "He's doing it right now!" This morning I looked out in the yard and saw a squirrel that looked like he'd been the loser in a fight- his fur was patchy and his tail seemed to be lacking fur completely. Peregrine's reaction was "Let's pray for him." And so he bowed his head and said "Jesus, can you help that squirrel to feel better and fix him? And Jesus, Amen."
        I so admire that kind of faith, the kind that asks and expects to receive, that believes Jesus has heard and is taking action! He doesn't keep obsessing over his request- he's left it where it should be left- at the feet of Jesus. He is the same one who said "Let the children come unto me... for the Kingdom of heaven is made up of ones like these" and "Unless you become as a little child you cannot see the Kingdom of God". I am humbled and convicted as I watch my little boy with his simple, yet great faith. I think I'm beginning to understand a bit more what Jesus desires of me. To come as a little child, asking, believing, and receiving.

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